Layer Protocol

The decentralized reputation protocol for the global sharing economy, built on the blockchain.


The Status Quo


Reputation isn't portable

Reputation is siloed in individual companies and in geographically centralized and non-transparent entities such as credit bureaus.

Reputation affects revenue

The sharing economy is poised to hit $40B in revenues, driven by carshare, rideshare, bikeshare, and vacation rental. Irresponsible users increase the cost of providing services and hinders the sharing economy.


The Solution



Layer is a complete protocol built on the blockchain that gives sharing economy platforms and their users a universal, decentralized reputation system.

Layer can be easily adopted by existing centralized platforms, DApps, or direct P2P transactions where reputation plays a role (eg. subletting an apartment on Craigslist).

A reputation system that enables sharing economy providers to contribute to and pull ratings of borrowers.

Rapid adoption through the growing Spin ecosystem and strategic partnerships.

LRX, a token that provides the economic incentive for scalable computation of reputation scores through master nodes, encourages adoption of the protocol, and drives community governance.


Core Team


Patrick McLain



Supported by No Rest Labs

No Rest Labs is the premium blockchain development firm, that has significantly contributed to top tier projects including Lendroid, WeTrust, Aimedis, and tagMonkey, and are the minds behind five open-source blockchain tools: MouseXplore, MouseKYC, MouseSDK, MouseWallet, and MouseUtility.

Strategic Advisors


Shayne Coplan

Founder & CEO of TokenUnion



Michael Ma

General Partner at Liquid 2 Ventures


Dmitry Grishin

Co-founder of Grishin Robotics, (DST), one of Russia's largest internet companies

Josh Fraser

Co-founder of Origin Protocol


Matthew Liu

Co-founder of Origin Protocol


Gee Chuang

Co-founder of Ink Protocol and Listia


Kenzi Wang

General Partner at AU21, a blockchain fund


David Chen

Former Partner at Lightspeed






Announced Partnerships

Group 299.png

Layer will be first adopted by Spin, North America's leading personal mobility company. Spin operates in over 50 markets and has served over 1M rides in less than a year.